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Digitisation has brought about major improvements in a wide range of industries, logistics being one of them, which is usually considered to be fragmented and a tad slow. While it may have solved problems to some extent, there is still a lot of heavy investments involved when it comes to the logistics industry.

To overcome the challenges that the logistics industry faces and offer them with optimal solutions, Mumbai-based Transport Hub (TH) is exploring technologies such as IoT to come to democratise technology in logistics.

Curious Dose got in touch with Rohit Chaturvedi, CEO, Transport Hub, that claims to be the first technology ecosystem focusing exclusively on the transport and logistics sector. As Chaturvedi says, the key unique selling proposition of the startup is that it provides a real-time business view to decision makers by seamless integration of IoT, AI and customers legacy systems such as ERP and CRM. It also provides the flexibility to customers to integrate TH platform with their own systems in case they want to.


Transport Hub uses IoT to deliver tangible business benefits. Chaturvedi explains that for example, their cold chain automation solution uses IoT to automate temperature maintenance and real-time temperature monitoring for moving vehicles (such as trucks) and warehouses (cold storages). It provides benefits such as the prevention of damage to cargo. The temperature can also be controlled remotely using a mobile app from anywhere in the world.

“We use IoT to automatically collect real-time data and automate business processes. Currently, we are using cloud-based IoT devices and developing edge-based devices for cold chain automation,” he added.

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